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Wildlife & Animals in Uganda

Expect to find a wonderful mixture of forest parks and savannah in Uganda. Highlights include chimp and gorilla tracking, but you will also have an opportunity to see dozens of smaller primates. The country is also home to many savannah safaris. However, not all of the Big Five are present. Cheetah can only be seen on rare occasions, while Black rhino is extinct. The white rhino was reintroduced in 2005 in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. If you are interested in seeing lions, head out to Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls national parks. Lions can also be spotted hunting Uganda Kob. Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo and Kidepo Valley national parks are home to giraffes, while Lake Mburo and Murchison Falls are the only two places where zebras exist. Uganda is also a popular bird-watching destination.

There are a bunch of West African mammal species and East African safari animals in Uganda. Primates are known to be very well presented and some of the specials include grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed monkey, l’Hoest’s monkey, De Brazza’s monkey, and red-tailed monkey. Uganda is also home to the black and white colobus, as well as to a variety of antelope species. The Uganda kob can be best described as near-endemic. Six national parks in Uganda are home to the rare sitatunga antelope, but this species is rarely seen. If you wish to see the uncommon oribi, go to the Murchison Falls National Park.

Best time for wildlife viewing

The dry season that lasts from December-February and June-September is the best time for wildlife viewing. Note that many roads get damaged during the rainy season that runs from September to November and March to May. The good news is that gorilla tracking is possible all year round. However, the weather conditions for gorilla tracking may not be perfect due to heavy rain in the wet season.