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What you need to know about dating a Ugandan

The dating scene in Uganda is a controversial one. The men will tell you that dating a Ugandan girl is dramatic and expensive, while the girls will say dating a Ugandan man is a road to heartache. Most young Ugandan girls especially the ‘campusers’ [University students] prefer dating older men- the working class, because of the financial benefits that their fellow university male students cannot afford to provide for them. So while the working class bachelors go for the campusers- because they are cheaper to maintain than the average working class woman, the working class ladies go for the married men. The majority of Ugandan men hardly settle with one woman.

Most married men often have a girlfriend on the side, commonly known as a ‘side-dish’. I have found that most girls do not mind being side-dishes, as long as the man provides for them, especially financially. It is common to find a group of married men boasting about their side-dishes over drinks in a bar. This practice is kind of an unspoken but acceptable situation in most marriages.

There’s been a recent rise in mixed relationships. Most Muzungu men [expats and tourists alike] prefer to date Ugandan girls. For most of these guys, it’s the allure of a new experience of being with a black girl. It doesn’t matter whether these men are married or not. It is a common occurrence to find a white man with both a wife back home and a girlfriend or ‘African wife’ in Kampala. Most of these relationships end when the man has to go back home. For the girls on the other hand, most of them go for the Muzungus because they are more generous than most of their Ugandan counterparts- financially, emotionally and sexually. What else explains a beautiful twenty-something Ugandan girl dating a seventy-something white man?

You will find a smaller number of Muzungu ladies dating Ugandan men. It could be because most of these women already have stable relationships back home- something that doesn’t deter their male counterparts, or prefer to date their fellow Muzungus.

Image Credit: Jake Stimpson