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Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park

Offering amazing wildlife viewing, Murchison Falls National Park is a part of the well-known Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA). Tourists will have an opportunity to see many safari animals including four of the Big Five. The Victoria Nile divides the park and one of the highlights is definitely a boat trip to the amazing Murchison Falls. Make sure to hike to the top of the waterfall for spectacular views.


A boat trip ride will take you to the base of the Murchison Falls. Here, you will be able to see the scenic Victoria Nile River going through a narrow gorge before it drops into the Devil’s Cauldron. There is a savannah habitat north of the river which boasts grasslands with borassus palms.  Woodlands with forest patches are located south of the river.


Tourists can spot four of the Big Five, as rhino is the only one absent. Buffalos and elephants can be seen on every corner, as well as dozens of lions. There are also several antelope species including Uganda kob, oribi, grey duiker, Jackson’s hartebeest, and bushbuck. Zebras are absent and hyenas can be spotted on rare occasions. Thanks to the Victoria Nile, you will be able to spot hippos and crocodiles. For chimpanzee tracking, go to the nearby Budongo Forest.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to watch wildlife in the Murchison Falls National is during the dry season that runs from December to February. The temperature tends to be really high in January and February. You can also spot a variety of wildlife during the wet season from June to November.

Dry season –December to February

  • December, January, and February: There is little rain and plenty of sunshine during these three months. The average temperature is 33°C/91°F at daytime, while nights are a bit cooler and the temperature drops to around 18°C/64°F.

Wet season –March to November

  • March, April, and May: The rain starts falling in March, but more rainfall is expected in April and May. Daytime average temperature is 31°C/88°F. At night, the temperature usually doesn’t go below 20°C/68°F.
  • June and July: These two months bring a mixture of clear skies and rainy days. The average temperature during the day is around 30°C/86°F.
  • August, September, October, and November: Expect to witness plenty of rainy days during these 4 months. Although it doesn’t rain every day, there are torrential storms at this time of year. By November, temperatures start to increase.

Getting There

Murchison Falls is mostly visited as a part of the add-on safari package. Located 305km/190mi north of Kampala, Murchison Falls NP can be reached by vehicle in four hours. You can also fly to Bugundy, Pakuba, and Chobe Airfield by a scheduled or chartered aircraft service from two of the main airports, Entebbe International Airport (EBB) or Kajjansi Airfield near Kampala.

If you are visiting from abroad, expect to arrive at the Entebbe International Airport (EBB). This airport is located 46km/29mi from Kampala. The local tour operator usually arrangers pick-ups from the airport and is in charge of the further transportation as part of the safari package in Uganda.

Domestic Flights

Tour operators can arrange a charter flight. There are also tour operator who arranges domestic flights between the parks as part of your tour package. Domestic flights are regularly scheduled and run by:

  • Fly Uganda (Kajjansi Airfield to Pakuba Airfield)
  • Aerolink (Entebbe to Pakuba, Chobe and Bugundu Airfields)