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Best Time to Visit Zambia

The Dry season in Zambia runs from May to October and this is the best time for game viewing. It is a time when animals gather around waterholes and rivers. On the other hand, the Wet season lasts from November to April and during this time of year the dirt roads in parks are usually impossible to pass and most parks are closed to public. You will find sandy soil and all-weather roads at the Mfuwe sector of South Luangwa National Park which make it accessible all year round. The best time to explore Victoria Falls is from June to September.

 May to October –Dry Season – Winter

  • Game viewing is best during the Dry season simply because there is less vegetation. It is much easier to spot wildlife, since animals gather around river and waterholes.
  • There is practically no rain, there are fewer mosquitos, and the skies are clear for most of the time.
  • Although it is high season, only the Victoria Falls is crowded. Most of the other parks are not crowded.
  • The best time to visit Victoria Falls is from June to September. The views of the falls are not blocked by the spray and the water is mid-to-low.
  • Parks with lower altitude like Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa can get hot in October.
  • Keep in mind that morning game drives tend to be cold during the Dry season. Visitors are advised to pack light winter clothes during June, July, and August.

November to April –Wet Season – Summer

  • During the Wet season, the rates are lower and the scenery is greener.
  • Newborn animals can be spotted.
  • The Wet season is the best time for bird watching.
  • There is no heavy rain, mostly short showers in the afternoon.
  • There are some camps in South Luangwa that stay open and are more flexible about bringing kids. Some of these camps also offer boat trips.
  • Wildlife is not easy to spot because the vegetation is thicker and animals can’t rely on water recourses.
  • Most parks and camps are closed and dirt roads are impassable. The premier park in Zambia also known as South Luangwa remains open to visitors.
  • The Victoria Falls are usually just a small steam on the Zambia side from October to December. Expect to find the greatest flow of water from March to May. However, the spray is often too strong and sometimes blocks the view of the falls.