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Best Time to Visit Uganda

The best time to visit Uganda for wildlife viewing is during the dry seasons which last from June to August and December to February.  The biggest part of any safari in the country is primate walks. Visitors should know that the habitat of the rainforests is usually very wet and sometimes rain can be avoided. The good news is that the weather in Uganda is sunny after heavy rain.

June to August and December to February –Dry Season

  • The dry season is definitely the best time of year for gorilla tracking.
  • There is less vegetation in the savannah reserves during the dry seasons and many animals can be found around water sources.
  • The good news is that from June to September the parks are not overcrowded with tourists.
  • There is little rain and more sunshine during the dry season.
  • You should definitely book Gorilla permits months in advance.

March to May and September to November –Wet Season

  • The low season usually means lower rates and the savannah reserves are greener during the wet season.
  • Although the dry season is known to be the best time to spot wildlife in savannahs, visitors will have a chance to see many animals and even newborn animals.
  • You should know that some of the roads in the country are not in the best shape during the wet season and vehicles often get stuck. Beware that forest trails tend to be slippery.
  • Tourists will not be able to change their gorilla permits if the weather is bad with heavy rain.